Sheena McLachlan, psychotherapist and group analyst

Sheena McLachlan

Group Analyst, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist / Counsellor

UKCP Registered, and Member of Institute of Group Analysis


My Approach:

I see therapy as an opportunity to explore why and how we get stuck in old patterns or keep making the same mistakes. No matter how often we decide to do things differently somehow they remain the same – no amount of “willpower” can overcome an unconscious dynamic that is unhelpful. We may be aware that we feel lonely, depressed, anxious or angry but not know how to make changes that endure.

As an individual and group trained therapist I am particularly interested in how we connect and relate to one another and how our inner world links to the outer world. How we behave or come across to others, whether at home, at work or in our friendships is often outside our conscious awareness.

Through the relationship with a listening, thinking other person (the therapist), in individual therapy or in a group setting, there is the chance to gain insight, to make sense of ourselves and to make new connections that make us more able to cope and to grow. The therapeutic process offers the possibility of a richer, more satisfying experience of life.



1988 - 1991 Gestalt Therapy, Gestalt Training Service
2000 – 2008 Group Analysis, Institute of Group Analysis
Member of the Institute of Group Analysis


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