Sheena McLachlan, psychotherapist and group analyst

Sheena McLachlan

Group Analyst, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist / Counsellor

UKCP Registered, and Member of Institute of Group Analysis


Therapy Group:

Group-Analytic Psychotherapy recognises the essentially social nature of human experience and is based on the view that deep and lasting change can take place in a carefully constituted group where the membership reflects wider society. The approach was initiated in the 1940s by SH Foulkes who went on to become one of the founding members of the Institute of Group Analysis (

In the group members talk about, reflect on and are helped to make links between their past and present experiences, and by doing so they gain insight into repeating patterns of behaviour and difficulties. The ‘here and now’ experience of being in the group gives members the opportunity to learn about how they interact with, see and are seen by others. Contact with others gives support and challenge; in the group opportunities arise to recognise and change unhelpful perceptions and behaviour. The group offers a safe environment for trying out new and unfamiliar ways of relating.

Individuals will join a group for a variety of reasons. Some may wish to focus on a specific issue such as anxiety, depression, a recent or past trauma, a sense of isolation, work stress, or relationship difficulties. Some may come for personal development to find out more about why they are the way they are.

For an initial consultation to assess whether Group Analytic Psychotherapy is the right option for you contact Sheena McLachlan, details below.

Cost: £80 - £110 per month
Initial session (s): On request
Group therapist/analyst: Sheena McLachlan, M A, Dip Ed, PGCCE, Member Institute of Group Analysis,
UKCP registered

T: 01620 825086
M: 0753 982 2157


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